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Oak Ridge National Laboratory alum Dane Wilson explains ThorCon progress to powering up Indonesia with liquid fission power plants. Dane is ThorCon’s materials expert. Dane’s talk includes redundant passive decay heat cooling systems, collaboration with Argonne National Labs work on salt properties and computational evolution, seismic characteristics, and airplane impact safety. Click here for Dane’s YouTube video.

Scientists attending the International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems in Bali, Indonesia, were excited by ThorCon CEO Lars Jorgensen’s presentation of the design of the TMSR-500 liquid fission power plant. The ThorCon team then returned to state-owned shipyard PT PAL Indonesia, which had begun reviewing ThorCon specifications in July.

P3Tek presented the results of a 10-month study of the ThorCon thorium/uranium-fueled molten salt reactor (MSR) power plant. The study reviewed regulation, safety, economics, and the grid load and concluded the ThorCon TMSR500 liquid fission power plant can supply Indonesia electricity needs in 2026-2027. September 17, 2019

“The thorium molten salt power plant can produce clean energy cheaper than coal, which could be reliable energy system toward a low-carbon economy,” PAL said.

Gary Bergstrom is jumping from the world of data-based investing to the gritty problem of how best to supply relatively inexpensive energy to the developing world. June 7, 2019

Jim Conca wrote about ThorCon in Forbes on May 31, 2019.

The most dangerous energy ... is none at all.

CEO Lars Jorgensen at the Thorium Energy World conference in Brussels in October 2018. ThorCon safety does not depend on skilled operators or faultless software. The audience was stunned to see a complete basic design of a real liquid fission power plant, and to receive detailed answers to probing questions.

Power Magazine wrote about ThorCon in its May 2019 issue.