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DOE awards $400,000 for R&D with Argonne

ThorCon US has been awarded $400,000 for cost-shared research and development for advanced nuclear technologies, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced.


HBS Op-Ed: Why Private Investors Must Fund ‘New Nuclear’ Power Right Now

Joseph Lassiter has high hopes for “new nuclear” technology, which he believes can meet the world’s urgent demand for power. But its success requires big, immediate investments from the private sector.

Joseph Lassiter

Joseph Lassiter

Milano Multiphysics supporting ThorCon, integrating computation of molten salt flows, temperatures, and fission effects.

ThorCon CEO Lars Jorgensen says “We are delighted to work with Milano Multiphysics as they advance the state of the art with leading edge simulation combining 3D computational fluid dynamics with 3D neutronics.”

ThorCon’s Green Nuclear Power Gains Momentum

ThorCon shares business strategy at Thorium Energy Alliance meeting in St Louis

ThorCon and thorium at the Indonesia Ministry of Energy

Maritje Hutapea Lars Jorgensen (1)

CEO Lars Jorgensen gave a presentation on ThorCon to the Indonesia Ministry of Energy on August 14 at the Indonesia Ministry of Energy. He also gave Ms Maritje Hutapea, director of new and renewable energy, a new book about molten salt reactors and thorium, important technologies used in the ThorCon liquid fission power plant being developed for Indonesia.

Lars then met with Apronuki, the Indonesian professional nuclear energy association, which will conduct a ThorCon technology assessment on behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Bapeten, the nuclear energy regulator agency.

Indonesia Is Preparing to Go Nuclear

Indonesia Considers Thorium Molten Salt Reactors

May 2016 Power Magazine

CEO Lars Jorgensen explains why and how ThorCon will Power Up Our World

Indonesia Thorium Consortium completes ThorCon Pre-Feasibility Study

IAEA Publishes White Paper on ThorCon Thorium/Uranium Molten Salt Reactor

Indonesia Thorium Consortium works to complete Pre-Feasibility Study of 500 MW ThorCon power plant 

Indonesia Exploring Liquid Fuel Nuclear Power Plants to Cut Reliance on Coal