Jack Devanney

Jack Devanney

Founder of ThorCon

Jack, now retired, founded ThorCon and was the original designer of the ThorCon MSR design. Jack left his position as a tenured professor of ocean engineering at MIT to spend most of his career as an owner and operator of the Loews Corp’s tanker fleet.

David Devanney

CEO of ThorCon International

Dave is the CEO of ThorCon International. In his business career he has started companies ranging from small hydro to crude oil transportation.

Lars Jorgensen

CEO of ThorCon, US

Lars is the CEO of ThorCon, US where he heads up all of ThorCon’s engineering activities. Previously he ran engineering teams for Texas Instruments and TRW/ESL. His original field of expertise is electrical engineering.

Niels Berger

CFO of ThorCon International

Niels Berger is the CFO of ThorCon International. Niels has many years of experience managing companies in the shipping and insurance industries.

Bob Effendi

COO of PT ThorCon Power Indonesia

Bob is the Chief Operating Officer of ThorCon’s Indonesian company. Bob is an expert in governmental relations and is heading up ThorCon’s efforts in Indonesia.

Kun Chen

Kun Chen

Chief Nuclear Officer

Kun is an expert in molten salt reactor design, safety analysis, licensing, testing and project management serving as the Chief Nuclear Officer for ThorCon. Previously he was the Vice President of Licensing at Moltex Energy Canada and was the Chief Engineer for Nuclear Safety at the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics. He led successful design, licensing and pre-licensing campaigns in China and Canada.

Manuele Aufiero

Manuele Aufiero

Expert in MSR Simulation

Manu is a nuclear physicist with special expertise in reactor physics. He has done breakthrough R&D in the fields of liquid fuel, thermal hydraulics, and MSR technology.

Nathan Crum

Expert in Mechanical Engineering

Nathan is Principal Engineer at ThorCon. He has over 20 years experience in research, systems engineering and mechanical design. He is now the lead engineer for thermal, fluidic, structural and mechanical component designs for the core of the reactor and supporting systems.

Dane Wilson

Expert in Material and Corrosion

Dane is a metallurgist with extensive experience in material and corrosion. Previous to ThorCon, he spent many years at the Oak Ridge National Lab where he worked on materials and systems for use in molten fluoride salts, high temperature gaseous environments, and other pernicious working fluids of interest to energy and hydrogen production.

Lowell Jones

Lowell Jones

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Lowell is a skilled mechanical engineer who worked at several top engineering firms, including Lockheed’s Skunk Works, before joining ThorCon.

Ralph Moir

Nuclear Physicist

Ralph is a nuclear physicist who spent most of his career working with Edward Teller at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab on fusion, MSR, and plasma physics.

Tagor Malem Sembiring

Tagor Malem Sembiring

Nuclear Safety Senior Manager

Tagor is our senior nuclear engineer at ThorCon Power Indonesia. Prior to joining ThorCon, Tagor spent his career at BATAN where he led engineering efforts in reactor physics, technology and safety.

Kyungsup Hyun

Kyungsup Hyun

Turbine-generator Expert

Kyungsup is our turbine-generator expert. Prior to ThorCon, he spent his career with Doosan Heavy Industries where he was a senior TG engineer.

Joseph Lassiter

Joseph Lassiter

Expert in Business Management

Joe is Senator John Heinz Professor of Management Practice in Environmental Management, Retired, at Harvard Business School. After a successful business career, Joe focused on disruptive, innovative technologies with positive environmental impact at HBS.

Charles Peterson

Charles H. Peterson

Legal Expert

Chuck is ThorCon’s legal expert. Chuck started out as a naval officer working for Rickover on the Nautilus. After a career in the US navy as a chief engineer on nuclear submarines, Chuck became a nuclear lawyer. His most recent task of note was negotiating the Barakah nuclear power deal with the Koreans on behalf of the UAE.

Robert Hargraves

Robert Hargraves


Bob is a physicist, computer scientist and a leader in promoting energy from thorium.

Lindsay Dempsey

Lindsay Dempsey

Steam Expert

Lindsey is our steam expert with more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of utility scale power generation.

Andrew Reiter

Principal Software Architect

Andrew is a software engineer with a background in autonomous systems. He was the technical co-founder of Shield AI, where he developed and integrated simulation, estimation, control and analysis tools for aerial robots.