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Spec Sheet


ThorCon is a hybrid thorium/uranium liquid-fuel fission power plant providing low-cost, reliable electric power; replaceable Cans contain a reactor vessel, pump, heat exchanger, and fuel.

Power generation capacity  250, 500, 750, or 1,000 MW.

Power output  245 kV 50 or 60 Hz AC; optional HVDC for long transmission lines.

Fuel consumption  112 kg fissile uranium-235 per year per 250 MW module; additional fissile uranium-233 is created from thorium fuel and fissile Pu-239 from U-238.

Refueling  CanShip replaces 500 ton Can every four years; CanShip replaces fuel salt every eight years; 7 days refueling outage per 250 MW module.

Availability  95% planned availability; 500 MW turbine-generator maintenance outage 14 days.

Load following  power can be ramped up or down at 5% per minute.

Peaking  optional thermal storage increases generation by 10-20% for 1-2 hours.

Unexpected load disconnect  steam bypass allows fission reactor operation to continue, temporarily raising cooling water temperature, until load restoration or fission power-down.

External power  none needed; black start capability.

Siting  ThorConLand version at navigable waterside location; no railway or highway access needed; 2 ha footprint for 500 MW; optional ThorConIsle version offshore up to 10 m depth.

Cooling  16 cubic meters per second seawater flow, 10°C temperature rise, for 500 MW.

Lifetime  Plant: 80 years; Can: 4 years to recycle; fuel salt: 8 years to fuel handling facility.

Decommissioning  CanShip removes Cans and fuel salt casks; mildly radio-activated secondary loop removed with special handling; bulk of plant removed, reused, or filled in.

Control rooms  one within plant plus one per site.

Staffing plan  72 security; 42 operations; 30 maintenance; 65 other for 1,000 MW plant.

Capital plan  $1,200 million for 1,000 MW power plant, plus costs for site, licenses, permits, fees, taxes; optional ThorConIsle version: $220 million additional

Construction time  two years from firm order to power generation; transmission lines, permitting, siting, cooling are local limiting issues.

Generated electricity cost  $0.03 per kWh

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