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Safety Sheet


Passive safety  dependent only on materials properties and physics, not electronic or electrical safety-critical systems or valves.

Decay heat cooling  one active and two passive systems.

Stable  increasing fission raises temperature, thus decreasing moderation, increasing neutron absorption by U-238, expanding structural materials, so lowering fission rate.

Containment  all radioactive fuel contained within primary loop, contained within Can, contained within cooling silo, contained in silo hall.

Radioactivity barriers  minimum 3 barriers between radioactive materials and environment.

Silo cooling wall  continuous recirculation of radiantly heated cooling water to small surface pond; no valves to operate to provide decay heat cooling after shutdown.

Fuse valve  fuel salt overheat would melt salt plug below reactor vessel, draining fuel salt to unmoderated drain tank where fission impossible.

Can  rupture of primary loop would contain spilled fuel salt within Can, thence to drain tank.

Walkaway safe  abandoned plant will self-cool for 1.5 years before attention required.

Aircraft strike  withstands vertical impact of 777 aircraft nine-ton engines.

Underground  ThorConLand fission plant entirely underground; reactor 15 m underground, in building with 1 m concrete walls sandwiched between two 25 mm steel plates.

Ship collision  ThorConIsle protected by breakwater; hull wall of 3 m of concrete sandwiched between two 25 mm steel plates and silo also protects Can containing radioactive materials.

Earthquake  withstands 0.8 peak ground acceleration.

Tsunami  waves pass over strong, sealed, underground steam generation fission plant, which will not float if submerged.

Fission products  the most environmentally troublesome radioactive fission products, including Sr-90 and Cs‑137, are chemically bound to the fuel salt.

Tritium  captured by getters in inert gas in power module hall and secondary heat exchanger cell; tritium penetrating heat exchangers captured by oxidation in solar salt loop.

Sabotage  operators can not defeat safety functions; reactivity increases limited by flow orifices and slow motors; no tamperable safety-critical electrical, electronic, nor computer systems.

Weapons proliferation  all fissile material in inaccessible high-radiation areas; uranium always low-enriched; plutonium always diluted with thorium, in fuel salt with hazardous fission products.

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