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Rapid Deployment

The ThorCon Can
The Hyundai Shipyard at Ulsan

The photo on the right is a shot of the Hyundai shipyard in Ulsan, Korea. This single yard can turn 3 million tons of steel plate into over 100 large and complex ships in a year. On average, these ships require about the same amount of steel as a 1 GWe ThorCon. The ThorCon structure is far simpler and much more repetitive. In short, a single ThorCon yard the size of Hyundai minus the massive building docks could turn out one hundred 1 GW ThorCons annually.

One of the knocks against nuclear is the plants cannot be deployed in time to make any real dent in coal nor CO2 emissions. For ThorCon, this is not the case. The combination of lower resource requirements and shipyard productivity means that ThorCons can be deployed more rapidly than coal plants. It’s simply a matter of our deciding to take advantage of this capability.