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The Do-able Molten Salt Reactor

The ThorCon Can
ThorCon’s Underground Silo Hall

Low pressure, low part count, move fuel around with a pump, and no mausoleum.
On demand, highly reliable power, 24/7.
Pollution free, carbon free. High temperature (700C) means 40% more efficient than a standard light water reactor.
Walkaway Safe
Low pressure, no phase change, underground, 4 barriers, totally passive shutdown and decay heat cooling.
Rigorous full scale prototype tests including design basis casualties.
Cheaper than Coal
Low pressure, liquid fuel, all block construction, shipyard productivity. Power at 3 cents per kilowatt-hour.
No New Technology
No R and D allowed. At its core, ThorCon is simply a scale up of the very successful MSRE pilot plant.
Full scale 250 MWe prototype testing within four years.
Rapid Deployment
Rapid ramp up to 100 one GWe power plants per year using shipyard style, assembly line construction starting in year 7.