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Silo Hall

silo hall plan
Plan View of Silo Hall

A ThorCon plant is made up of one or more power modules. This drawing shows a four module, 1 GWe plant. The modules are arranged in a long, narrow Silo Hall served by a 500 ton bridge crane, rather like the generators in a hydroelectric plant. This entire structure is underground. At one end of the hall is the control room. This end also houses the Transfer Module comprising salt storage tanks, offgas Xe and Kr storage, fuelsalt transfer casks, and two Can transfer pits. The home page image shows a 3-D view of the silo hall.

The plant is designed to be expandable by adding new module(s) to the non-control room end. A small island nation could start out with a single 250 MWe power module and then add modules as needed.

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