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Silo Hall looking starboard
The ThorCon Nuclear Island. This entire structure is underground.
The ThorCon Can
Sealed, replaceable, low pressure, high temperature, primary loop. The first two barriers.
The Can Silo
The third barrier, 30 m underground. Four loops. Two nearly independent, passive decay heat paths.
Fuelsalt Drain Tank
Totally passive shutdown, decay heat cooling.
Silo Membrane Wall
The key to making ThorCon work. Passive cooling with no penetrations into Can or Fuelsalt Drain Tank.
Power Module
Duplexed Cans changed out every four years. No separate, vulnerable spent fuel storage.
The Silo Hall
Underground, fourth barrier. 500 ton bridge crane.
All Block Construction
Bring shipyard quality and productivity to nuclear.
Everything except the building replaced and recycled on a regular basis. No complex repairs attempted at the plant.
The ThorCon Pot
Low pressure, high temperature. 250 MWe from a 5 m high, 5 m diameter Pot.
The Offgas System
Extracts Xe-135, recovers bulk of offgas waste heat while retaining Cs-137 and Sr-90 in the fuelsalt