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Bottom Line

Table 5
Levelized Cost ThorCon Versus Coal
Coal ThorCon
Unit Capex: 0.0309 0.0185
Unit Cans: 0.0034
Unit Fuel: 0.0227 0.0053
Unit Salt: 0.0002
Unit O+M: 0.0056 0.0049
Total $/kWh: 0.0592 0.0324

This table summarizes the results of a more formal costing analysis. See the Executive Summary for details. ThorCon treats the Cans, which must be recycled every four years, as a consumable, even though the Cans contain the primary loop, the heart of ThorCon. The cost of the Cans in turn include the costs of decontamination, recycling, and disposing of material that cannot be recycled.

This table compares two 1000 MWe plants. The assumed economic life is 32 years. The construction period is taken to be four years. The discount rate is 10% real. The overnight cost of the coal plant is two billion dollars. The overnight cost of a ThorCon excluding the Cans is 1.2 billion. These assumptions are biased in favor of the coal plant.

The bottom line is that ThorCon power should cost less than 3.5 cents per kWh. Coal, assuming particulate control and desulphurization but no attempt to capture CO2, will cost at least 5 cents per kWh.

ThorCon is cheaper than coal.

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